We understand that planning to invest can be intimidating. With thousands of investment options and hundreds of advisors, it can lead to decision paralysis. Most people avoid investing in the market because either they don't find an advisor they can trust, or they don't get the right investment education necessary for good decision making. So we at Finology, decided to solve both these problems. Finology offers you the right investment advice and if you want to follow the DIY route, we provide you the right knowledge -

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What is Value Investing

Acquiring more than you are paying for

Whether we are talking about Socks or Stocks, I like buying quality products when they are on sale.

Warren Buffet

This is Value Investing in a nutshell. This approach is aimed at taking advantage of the irrational behavior of the people in the market. Humans act out of emotions, be it fear, greed or panic. Value investing seeks to benefit out of this human flaw by -

Buying during times of Panic

Selling during times of Mania

If you buy a house worth 20 Lacs for 10 Lacs, you can be sure that in the long run, you will earn a nice profit. Value investing is the quest of finding such under-valued stocks.

Deep scan Framework

Our Inhouse developed Proprietory framework

Excellence requires going beyond the obvious. This why Finology developed the DeepScan Framework to create a strict filtration process that helps eliminate potentially wealth destroying stocks. We have always believed that the 1st step towards wealth creation is wealth preservation and this is why it becomes important to have a process oriented approach that helps us preserve your wealth and our reputation along with it.

  1. D

  2. E

  3. E

  4. P

  5. S

  6. C

  7. A

  8. N

  • Discount to intrinsic value (Reasonable Valuations)
  • Efficiency of business operations (Cost Advantage)
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Pricing Power (Strong Moat)
  • Scalability (Visibility of earnings growth)
  • Competitive Landscape (Industry Projections)
  • Appropriate Safety Net (Risk Mitigation)
  • No Biases (Behavioral Safeguard)

These 8 steps ensure that every recommendation that is broadcasted from our desks are “Good for you”. We know that its your hard earned money which you will be investing on our advice and we take that responsibility very very seriously.

With our #AcchiWaliAdvice, you are in safe hands.

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