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Worried about your wealth being mis-handled by commission backed advise?

What if one subscription can solve all your financial troubles seamlessly?

What if one subscription gives you advise on stocks, mutual funds and insurance?

What if our experts provide you liberation you from all wealth creation hassles?

Why you should subscribe?

Finology provides you 4 expert solutions under just 1 subscription.

  1. Now you don’t need a broker for stock recommendations
  2. You don’t need a commission based insurance agent
  3. You don’t need regular plans from your mutual fund agent
  4. You don’t even need your CA for tax and retirement planning

In the above cases, each of the service providers are working individually producing different advises based on their independent individual assessments. But, when you put these advises together, then, you may see that they may work against each other as they lack the complete holistic view.

Finology provides you all this in a simple, convenient and cost effective subscription. Our dedicated team of experts provides you –

  • Customized stock recommendations
  • Unbiased mutual fund recommendations
  • Cost effective insurance plans
  • Expertly crafted tax saving and retirement planning instruments.
  • Review of all your existing investments.

What you wont get?

  • No trading tips
  • No Speculation
  • No guarantee to make you rich overnight.

Instead, what you get with us is solid, unbiased and expert backed wealth creation advise.

What is unique about Finbox?

Finbox is a comprehensive investment planning service which is customized to help you achieve your long term financial goals. when you subscribe for a holistic financial plan such as Finbox, then, you end up receiving an integrated advice for all the above mentioned services, which create a synergy and proves beneficial in all ways.

  • Solid stocks
  • Strong Mutual funds
  • Reliable insurance plans
  • Best tax saving & retirement plans

No commission, No bias Policy @ Finology

The Finology Advantage

Finology strongly believes in inculcating long term Investing habit as it is based on the solid fundamentals with time tested value investing principles. Our in-house Deep Scan Process ensures to eliminate the wealth destroying and risky instruments. This helps in a big way to protect your profits which may get exhausted if you pick up just a few risky instruments.

Deep Scan Process

We recommend any instrument only if it passes our in-house deep scan test wherein we check if the instrument has the following characteristics.
Learn more about Deep Scan

Value investing Philosophy

Value investing is the philosophy behind legends like warren Buffet, Benjamin graham etc. Finology exclusively follows the principles of value investing to help you build a low risk-high return Portfolio.

Strong Moat Instruments

We hunt for Instruments with durable and strong competitive advantage to enable multiyear compounding of our picks. This enables you to generate immense wealth using the power of compounding.

Zero Commission policy

Our advice is 100% unbiased and independent. We don't accept any commission or remuneration to recommend a particular instrument. So you can be sure that we always our clients interest in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your queries answered & Subscribe Now.

Number of recommendations will depend on your needs and goals. It will vary according to our assessment of what is right for you.

Please don't ! Your personalized investment plan is prepared on the basis of your risk profile, goals and cashflows and might not be suitable for someone else. 

Finology Ventures Pvt Ltd is a SEBI Registered investment advisor, our Qualified experts are involved in financial plan preparation process.

Yes Finbox includes review of your existing investments, subject to a maximum of 10 stocks/Schemes/investment products

Sorry, since the nature of service is such that you get access to the complete benefits as soon as you subscribe, and these benefits are irrevocable in nature, issuing a refund is not possible. But be rest assured, our 'Good for you services' will help you invest successfully in the long run. 

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