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Do you wish to receive stock recommendations every month?

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Worried about your wealth? Do you wish to retire early by investing sensibly?

Why you should subscribe?

People invest their hard earned money in the stock market and are often burdened with losses due to lack of professional guidance and expert advise. Freshpick is here to provide expert backed, transparent and unbiased stock recommendation to play a small but vital role in your wealth creation journey. Our DeepScan filtration process helps eliminate potentially dangerous stocks which is then further scrutinized to ensure that every stock recommendation that we make, has the potential to create sustainable wealth for you.

What's unique about Freshpick? 

Focus on value investing - We trust the time tested value investing philosophy to help us bring the best of the best for you. Our 4 pillars of Moat, Growth, Value and Quality creates the discipline in selection process which is necessary for sustained performance of our services. 

Intelligent investing - Most people want to invest a portion of their savings into potentially high growth investment products. Freshpick is designed to help you channelize your savings into a high growth instrument with the help from our team of experts via our monthly stock recommendations.

What's not included?

  • No Asset Allocation
  • No Advise on Mutual Funds
  • No Advise on Insurance
  • Tax Planning not Included

Freshpick aims to provide solid, research-backed stock recommendations for the long term.

No commission, No bias policy @ Finology

The Finology Advantage

Finology strongly believes in inculcating long term Investing habit as it is based on the solid fundamentals with time tested value investing principles. Our in-house Deep Scan Process ensures to eliminate the wealth destroying and risky instruments. This helps in a big way to protect your profits which may get exhausted if you pick up just a few risky instruments.

Deep Scan Process

We recommend any instrument only if it passes our in-house deep scan test wherein we check if the instrument has the following characteristics.
Learn more about Deep Scan

Value investing Philosophy

Value investing is the philosophy behind legends like warren Buffet, Benjamin graham etc. Finology exclusively follows the principles of value investing to help you build a low risk-high return Portfolio.

Strong Moat Instruments

We hunt for Instruments with durable and strong competitive advantage to enable multiyear compounding of our picks. This enables you to generate immense wealth using the power of compounding.

Zero Commission policy

Our advice is 100% unbiased and independent. We don't accept any commission or remuneration to recommend a particular instrument. So you can be sure that we always our clients interest in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

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6 stocks will be recommended over the course of six months from the date of your subscription. 

Valuations of stocks change on an everyday basis. We publish the maximum buy price for each of our recommended stocks to help you build your portfolio in a phased manner. 

Finology Ventures Pvt Ltd is a SEBI Registered investment advisor, our Qualified experts are involved in the stock picking & filtration process.

Reviewing requires in-depth understanding of your overall finances and cashflows. We recommend you to subscribe to Finbox to enjoy benefits such as retirement planning, insurance recommendations and portfolio review along with mutual fund recommendations.

Sorry, since the nature of service is such that you get access to the complete benefits as soon as you subscribe, and these benefits are irrevocable in nature, issuing a refund is not possible. But be rest assured, our 'Good for you services' will help you invest successfully in the long run.

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