Extremely Easy to Use

No Prior Knowledge

Power of In-Depth Data

Quick Stock Analysis

What if a simple excel sheet could make you a Stock Market Expert ?

Now with Finology Stock Selector, say Goodbye to :

  • Expensive Investing Softwares
  • Dependence on Business News Channels
  • Complicated Research Reports
  • Fake Mutibagger Tip

Let ‘Stock Selector’ Do It For You!

Stock Selector has been created with the sole purpose of making the tedious stock analysis part ‘Simple’ for you. It is indeed your best bet if you want to decide smartly, the right stocks to invest. Reason being, the relevance of data that you get after following the steps mentioned above. Instead of curating large volumes of data and then banging your head into it, you can get what you need in just three simple steps. And you are good to go. It may sound too good to be accurate, but that’s a reality!

Also, we understand that stock investment is not done once and for all. So, there are some additional benefits that you get when you choose to go for the Stock Selector:

No monthly fees

No yearly renewals

Just a small one time fee for for a lifetime of easy stock picking

You should be able to select the stocks in a hassle-free manner. That’s all we want! And, still if you have any issues with respect to using the Stock Selector, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Steps to use Stock Selector:

To use the ‘Stock Selector’ all you need to do is, follow 3 simple steps:
               DOWNLOAD >> UPLOAD >> ANALYSE    

Download the excel sheet

Upload the sheet on screener.in

Done! Your data is ready to be analysed

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The Finology Advantage

Finology strongly believes in inculcating long term Investing habit as it is based on the solid fundamentals with time tested value investing principles. Our in-house Deep Scan Process ensures to eliminate the wealth destroying and risky instruments. This helps in a big way to protect your profits which may get exhausted if you pick up just a few risky instruments.

Deep Scan Process

We recommend any instrument only if it passes our in-house deep scan test wherein we check if the instrument has the following characteristics.
Learn more about Deep Scan

Value investing Philosophy

Value investing is the philosophy behind legends like warren Buffet, Benjamin graham etc. Finology exclusively follows the principles of value investing to help you build a low risk-high return Portfolio.

Strong Moat Instruments

We hunt for Instruments with durable and strong competitive advantage to enable multiyear compounding of our picks. This enables you to generate immense wealth using the power of compounding.

Zero Commission policy

Our advice is 100% unbiased and independent. We don't accept any commission or remuneration to recommend a particular instrument. So you can be sure that we always our clients interest in mind.

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